Yatay Streçleme Sistemleri: Shrink, Cold Shrink

Yatay Streçleme Sistemleri

Horizontal automatic wrapping machine created to send spare parts without using any filling material, just with carton and few grams of stretch film. It can be used with heavy and / or light products. Control panel with PLC and Touch screen with the possibility to save up to 200 wrapping cycles.

· Reduction of packaging volume
· Reduction of transport weight
· Product wrapped securely

General details
· Cutting and clamping unit
· Infeed and outfeed adjustable side guides with powered rolls
· Automatic start and stop cycle with photocells
· Adjustable standby from control panel (the machine stops after some minutes)
· Power supply 230V – 1pH – 50H
· PLC & Touch screen
· Pneumatic power 6 Bar
· Power transmission by belt
· Film coil inside diameter 76 mm
· Film coil height 125 mm

Technical details

R9 42/AC
· Ring diameter :420 mm
· Until 90 RPM
· Film coil Height: 125 mm

R9 62/AC
· Ring diameter : 620 mm
· Until 70 RPM
· Film coil Height: 125 mm

R9 100/AC
· Ring diameter : 1000 mm
· Until 50 RPM
· Film coil Height: 125 mm

Yatay streçleme sistemleri: Shrink, shring, cold shrink, Şilink, şiring, şirink, shiring, shirink,


R9 - AC

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